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Prayers for Finance

god help me in my financial problem..plsssssssss
rocsan galang - Jul 15, 2014

erick - Jul 09, 2014

to become financial wealthy
Kenneth Leverett Lane - Jun 25, 2014

Help me overcome financial burden
Debra - Jun 24, 2014

Lord please help my family with their financial problems, this is my early birthday wish. Help them surpass all these problems. I lift everything to you Almighty God, don't let their new house and their investment will be gone. Please help them Lord, provide them with their needs especially in times like this. In Jesus name, Amen.
Jun 23, 2014

need a financial blessing windfall
KATHY - Jun 14, 2014

To be blest financially thru the divine providence of jesus I need a miracle
Marianne - Jun 12, 2014

To become financially stable
Laura - Jun 10, 2014

to win the lottery today
Jun 06, 2014

Dear God, please help me, so that my products (breads, cakes, etc.) are sold out, nothing's wasted, so I can get enough money for living. Thank you God, please hear my pray....Amien
Vivienne - Jun 02, 2014

Lord please help Richard get $30 Million right now to pay for Nelson getting marriage expenses today 31/05/14 .
Richard - May 30, 2014

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Jeffrey Dowling - May 21, 2014

For my husband, that he has success this month with his job.
May 02, 2014

Pay up bills that I dont have the money to pay because I am not working
DC - Apr 28, 2014

to have so much money, to be rich , wealthy, never ending cash flow in my wallet
michelle m triska - Apr 26, 2014

to be helped with my dissability
tt - Apr 23, 2014

please restore my financial independence
georgina - Apr 22, 2014

Deliver me Jesus from all the bad debts and loan on my head and I am financially very disturbed . Lord please help me to overcome all the loan and make my loan free this I pray and seek your blessings to be free from all these problems Lord help me I pray and light this candle .
Mary Chellan - Apr 18, 2014

God continue to financial bless me
Candace - Apr 16, 2014

Help us fix all our things... we thank you for everythings.
Mar 30, 2014 on Facebook

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