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Prayers for Finance

to be helped with my dissability
tt - Apr 23, 2014

please restore my financial independence
georgina - Apr 22, 2014

Deliver me Jesus from all the bad debts and loan on my head and I am financially very disturbed . Lord please help me to overcome all the loan and make my loan free this I pray and seek your blessings to be free from all these problems Lord help me I pray and light this candle .
Mary Chellan - Apr 18, 2014

God continue to financial bless me
Candace - Apr 16, 2014

Help us fix all our things... we thank you for everythings.
Mar 30, 2014

to get help to pay all my debts
Kate - Mar 29, 2014

Pay rent, necessitates, and medical needs, and re-eductation
Yvonne - Mar 17, 2014

Financial breakthroug in me and my family's life
sandra deysel - Feb 27, 2014

giving God thanks for help with financial problems.Amen.
Feb 18, 2014

for jeff work today in dire need amen
victoria - Feb 15, 2014

Please intercede Lord for my Financial Relief that i may not able to live paycheque by paycheque. Let me have an extra money for rainy seasons not only for me but for my entire family. Let me enjoy life and not to worry about our financial situation. A little extra is what I am praying for. Thank you.
Feb 14, 2014

financially breakthrough for me an my family and total restoration and total resources in jesus name , amen
lds - Feb 02, 2014

Find employment
Regina Traini - Jan 30, 2014

Financial help
Jan 23, 2014

Financial breakthrough
CW - Jan 19, 2014

A 2 bhk in lodha paradise in exchange of my 1 bhk in Panchamrut chs. as soon as possible. Lord please fulfill my wish.
poonam sharma - Jan 11, 2014

why wont u answer my prayers lord
Jan 06, 2014

help with my financial problems
Jan 03, 2014

NANCY - Dec 28, 2013

I have been working for many years but still in deeth of accumulated debts. I need your short term and long term financial intervention Lord. Short term because I am in need for amount to pay for my current bills and I have urgent payables. I am afraid it may ruin friendship when I cant pay my obligations. It is also very stressful to be coping up minute by minute for the payables. Long term interventions because i neeed to financially plan for my future.
daniella marie - Dec 16, 2013 on Facebook

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