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Prayers for Finance

I need prayer for an urgent financial blessing or miracle.
Daphne - Oct 13, 2015

Kenneth Leverett Lane - Sep 29, 2015

want money
Sep 26, 2015

rufus - Sep 26, 2015

Money is good
Sep 17, 2015

linda - Sep 09, 2015

To payoff all my debts and purchase a home and new car.
DMM - Sep 07, 2015

I pray for financial help to pay all my debts. In Jesus name. Amen.
Carmelita - Sep 06, 2015

Dear Lord, I need a prayers for my financial blessing to settle my tax, so that the bank could release my cheque into my bank account , otherwise the bank will give extra charges for the finance, I know lord nothing is impossible for you, pls make a way for me to get a fund. I thank you Lord in Jesus Name Amen.
Chris - Jul 30, 2015

need cash
blessings - Jul 20, 2015

Please pray for us to overcome all our financial problems.
Jul 17, 2015

I pray for a financial blessing, more than enough to relieve me of my huge debt, live comfortably, and to also relieve myself, my wife and children of their debts permanently, and several others. GOD I CRY OUT TO YOU I NEED A MIRACLE IN MY FINANCES INSTANTLY. Thank you for your blessings upon me and my family.

for all my pending obligation
Abby - Jun 21, 2015

for all my pending obligation
Abby - Jun 20, 2015

for all my pending obligation
Abby - Jun 18, 2015

i money now and forever....i. woship you now and forever...thanks you
amoako sandra - Jun 11, 2015

for all my pending obligation
Abby - Jun 10, 2015

That finally financially I will start to be stable and help support as needed
MJA - May 27, 2015

To find the money to pay all my debts and bills, and that work will resume very soon. TY J
IdaT - May 21, 2015

Bobby job
May 17, 2015 on Facebook

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