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Prayers for Forgiveness

for inner healing and peace of heart and mind
May 21, 2014

i linda as the almight lord to help heal the hurt that i have done to shane and my family and that they shall forgive me and take back into there hearts so we can be a family again with no more walls between us thank you lord amen
Apr 18, 2014

Prayer for all the souls in the family for their souls to rest in peace and prayer to our father to forgive them from all the wrongs things knowingly and un knowingly that has been done during their life in the earth. May lord forgive them and allow them to enter the gates of heaven for eternal peace. ( My uncles -> Cyril , Alphonso, Alphonse, & Aunty-> Motti , Tamnika, Angeline , My dad -> Anthony Chellan , My Grand father Joseph Xavier Charlie and my grand mother Angelina Charlie. May their sould rest in peace.Amen
Mary - Apr 18, 2014

forgive me please and stop me doing it again... I feel shamed and sorry to You Jesus. I love You.
A. - Apr 03, 2014

Lord forgive us if we weren't able to go to church today for the Ash Wednesday. In Jesus name, Amen.
Mar 05, 2014

Lord forgive me for all my sins, sometimes for complaining and being weak with the trials that I need to face. Sorry for not seeong how blesse I am with my work before. Thank you for making me realize all my wrongs and please give me anothee chance to have a stable and good job. This I pray in Jesus name, Amen.
Mar 05, 2014

Forgiveness to Jose...complete forgiveness in Jesus Name
sandra deysel - Feb 27, 2014

So that other will understand things beyond my control and help, not hurt.
John - Dec 27, 2013

"Please Forgive Me God First for being the Perfect Sinner from A to Z in All Sin from A to Z und I promise to replace My Sins with Hobbies, I pray Amen."
Debra McCall - Dec 15, 2013

For everything I have typed up on documentation, requests from others, and what I have already prayed for
Raquel - Nov 15, 2013

For everything I have typed up on documentation, requests from others, and what I have already prayed for
Raquel - Nov 15, 2013

To be a psychic
Raquel - Nov 15, 2013

need to get strength for forgiveness for my crushed heart and broken spirit
lupe - Nov 12, 2013

Forgive me Lord if I think something bad. Forgive me oh Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.
Nov 10, 2013

Lord God, forgive the sins of our family tree
Nov 06, 2013

Dear Lord, please hear my prayer that William forgives me for communicating poorly my feelings. I love us; I want to be his wife, his closest confidant, his support system, his heart. Please let him realize I spoke from fear. Amen
Stephanie - Oct 23, 2013

Mary - Oct 23, 2013

dear god/jesus i' so sorry that my attitude is bad i do not respect the elderly and i even shouted my mother. i also hate my classmate named annika,misa,brandon,luther,and ivan sorry god/jesus that i shout them pls. forgive me even if i bully someone in the school and if i am mighty at school aslo i lied to them i said to them that i'am rich even if not and even i lied to my family and erderly god/jesus pls. forgive me and all my sins
Oct 23, 2013

SHERRI - Aug 29, 2013

For all my sins Toward God
cheryl - Aug 19, 2013 on Facebook

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