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Prayers for Healing

I pray Father all my heartstrings are healed. Amen
Feb 07, 2013

I pray for a miracle God that gets me strong and Home to You and to W, my forever husband and soulmate. Amen
Feb 07, 2013

I pray to have my full pure heart. Amen
Feb 07, 2013

Father, I pray for a miracle. Amen
Feb 07, 2013

Dear Father, I pray for healing to have an open heart to be able to follow and obey You fully. Amen
Feb 06, 2013

I pray for healing of my heart, mind body and spirit, to bring me Home to God. Amen.
Feb 06, 2013

I pray for the selflessness that will get me Home despite my great need in my health situation right now. Amen
Feb 06, 2013

Dear Jesus, I pray for the grace and blessings be poured forth upon my granddaughter. Many of our young children are so confussed on which way to go. May I be an example of what Your Love can do for those who follow You. Amen.
jpr57 - Feb 06, 2013

MY 17 OLD SON character
Stephen Cheek - Feb 05, 2013

Dear God, I pray for healing to get me free of fear and Home to You. Amen.
Feb 04, 2013

I pray for the restoration of health of James Angelo Uy and Virginia L. Villasinn
Feb 04, 2013

I pray God for my heart to be healed fully, and to be healed mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Amen
Feb 03, 2013

Praying for grandma's fast recovery. Our Lady of Consolation, pls pray for us.
Feb 03, 2013

I pray God for a miracle to get me well, forever. Amen
Feb 01, 2013

I pray to become a beautiful pure Angel. Amen
Jan 31, 2013

dan will be healed and blessed and protected
Jan 30, 2013

God please help my2.11month nephew to fight neuroblastoma. Help him to fight with lung infection. Clean his whole body from that terrible cells. Please help him because you are the only one who can do it.
Jan 27, 2013

I pray for my sweet friend Alfing Dirk that her and her husband wishes come true and her health restored.
missah shahzad - Jan 23, 2013

please pray i dont get cavities, and i stop smoking and god heals my hernia, and body producing gas, feeling like something in my body, and constant embaresesing flatuence. and discomfort, probably linked to a psychiatric pill also
michelle m triska - Jan 22, 2013

Tracey Stuffle
Linda D - Jan 22, 2013 on Facebook

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