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Prayers for Healing

Dear God i do pask for your help to pls heal my daughter from her fever right now.pls send your healing hand unto her that she may not suffer from sickness right now. Thank you Dear God. i ask this through your sonJesus Christ our Lord Amen!
cheryl - Dec 11, 2012

Heal my husband and I of our illness
Cassie - Dec 11, 2012

Weight loss
v - Dec 11, 2012

hard prayers for my mother's healing
val - Dec 08, 2012

Kati: Urgent prayer for her and her unborn baby. 17 weeks pregnant. Diagnosed with an agressive form of lymphoma. Drs say it kill the mother and the baby. Jesus we place this intention into your miraculous heart. Jesus we pray you find the miracle she needs.
Mary - Dec 07, 2012

Weight loss that will be a very rapid, yet healthy process, which will not only enable me to slim but to also remove all impurities and sickness from myself. All to truly gratify the name of God and never stray from his path.
O - Dec 07, 2012

Heal Brittany and allow her a fast recovery
Dec 06, 2012

Pray to cure & heal my Mum Stroke illness
Stephen Cheek - Dec 06, 2012

Lord Please place your hand on my uncle and help him through this
V - Dec 06, 2012

I ask you lord in the name of jesus to heal my broken heart and grant me the peace i need in my heart, soul and mind. Allow me to heal so i can move forward and be ready for your blessings (my hearts desires).
Dec 05, 2012

Lord please heal me emotionally and spiritually.. I need You so much in my life so please I'm begging You to touch my life with Your healing hand and compassion. Amen
nhyn - Dec 03, 2012

Please heal my mind so that I can have trust that the holy spirit will shine and remove darkness from me
vb - Dec 03, 2012

Dear Lord Jesus, Can I seek Your Healing Power to save my mother who is now suffering from poor eye-sight due to aging ? May I ask You that You give the wisdom to Dr Chan from SGH to cure my mothers' eyes ? In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Eugenia Seah Chern Chee - Dec 02, 2012

Fast recovery of our MOM who is still in ICU
joy, virgie, ariel, tam, ann - Dec 02, 2012

For the healing of my sister's copd
Debi - Nov 30, 2012

Corinne's Dad. Colon polyps
Mary - Nov 29, 2012

healing miracle to restore hearing loss of my son. IN JESUS NAME. LORD I TRUST IN YOU.
Nov 28, 2012

for my family and love ones
znihr castillo - Nov 24, 2012

Lord, Please continue to help my granma on her illness. You are the only one who knows what's best for her but I'm hoping she can still spend time with us for few more weeks. Help us O' Lord.
Nov 23, 2012

i wish my husband marks pain is fully better now
nina - Nov 22, 2012 on Facebook

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