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Prayers for Healing

Lord please heal our sickness give us long life. Amen
Aug 18, 2013

Healing a young boy
Aug 13, 2013

Please heal my dad
Aug 12, 2013

Please pray for 1 year old chiquaqua, Sage Romero who is sick with severe scratching.
Matt Romero - Aug 08, 2013

May our lord bless my love mark to be better and healthy
Nina - Aug 07, 2013

My dear lord please bless my mark to be better
Nina - Aug 07, 2013

My dear lord please heal my dear husband matk
Nina - Aug 06, 2013

papa jesus may nararamdaman poko sa aking kanan tenga, diko po alam kung ito ay inpeksyon. kung ano man po ito nagmamakaawa at nagsusumamo poko ako sa inyo na pagalingin nio po ako. n mawala na ang nararamdaman kong ito na parang barado ang aking tenga, may ingay at masakit po. pagalingin nio po ako. salamat po. amen
mhay - Jul 31, 2013

Weight loss, sleep apnea to go, all infirmities to leave, height growth, in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Jul 31, 2013

Father, Please send me Archangel Michael to heal away the illness and situation I am in. Thank you Amen
Jul 30, 2013

Please helpmhim Father, please bless him with your love and guide him to be a better person and partner. Please help him to overcome his fears, his lies, the scheming and selfish choices. Please Father teach him responsibility and give him the confidence to realise and acknowledge the hurtful things he has done
Jul 30, 2013

Dear Father Please bless my love Jon's parents with good health and lengthy life.... please bless appachan with healthy level of blood pressure Master God... Please keep my love jony, ammachi and appachan and whole family safe and secured in your arms Master God... Mama Mary please bless my prayers... In Jesus Name I Pray.... Hail Mary Holy Mary...Amen!
AmyJon - Jul 30, 2013

FOR HEALING OF my acid reflux
cristy - Jul 29, 2013

healing for Patricia leg please Lord
p blair - Jul 19, 2013

healing for Patricia leg please Lord
p blair - Jul 19, 2013

Dearest Heavenly Father, Please watch over our little Bennett Zion, as he fights for life. Please allow him to live a long and happy life with our family. He needs to know our love, and to possible have brothers and sisters to grow up with. We know that you are the divine power of miracles. I am asking you for one this day. In your name, we pray. AMEN.
Bennett Zion Navares Alquizar - Jul 16, 2013

For the relationship between my ex-boyfriend and his mother
Alma - Jul 12, 2013

lord please tanggalin mo sa katawan nan asawa ko ... ang karamdaman.. pamanhid at alergy jesus name AMEN..
gemma - Jul 05, 2013

Lord I pray for the fast recovery of our friend mel. Help her Lord. Please hear our prayers. In Jesus name, Amen.
Jun 24, 2013

Prayer for my Chiquaqua for severe scratching and severe itching.
Matt Romero - Jun 16, 2013 on Facebook

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