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Prayers for Healing

Mama Mary through your intercession to your son JESUS, please pray for my son a miracle healing to his hearing loss may it improves the circulation of this deaf nerve. IN THE NAME OF JESUS. AMEN.
May 10, 2013

Lord, please heal the Bertigo of my husband, sana di na po susumpung ulit.
May 10, 2013

Heavenly Father I pray that your powerful hand comes down on me and takes away this sickness from my body, heal me in Jesus name, and give my family strength during this time. Amen
May 09, 2013

my health
May 09, 2013

Dear Father, bless my mom and cure her from illness she has and bless her and my family residing in salem with good health, wealth , peacefu; and joyful life... bless my maama, aunty & granny with good health Lord Jesus... In Jesus Name I Pray, Hail Mary Holy Mary... Amen !
AmyJon - May 09, 2013

Dear Father, I am lighting this candle for my uncle who is suffering from heart problem Master. Dear Father please bless my uncle to get cured and recover him from the illness please Master , Bless him a good healthy & happy lengthy Life Lord Jesus .... Show us your miracle Master . Improve my uncles health Master God, give him strength and confidence to survive Master God... In Jesus Name I Pray... Hail Mary Holy Mary.... Amen !
AJ - May 09, 2013

Dear Father, who art in heaven Please heal my sick uncle and cure him from illness and bless him and his family with good health and wealth dear Master God.... Bless my Maamu with lengthy healthy life ..... In Jesus Name I Pray.... Hail Mary Holy Mary.... Amen!
AmyJon - May 08, 2013

Dear lord, heal my son from his illness. please give me his suffering but heal him. he is too small to bear all these suffering. O, father hear my prayer. Have mercy on my child. amen
AMS - May 08, 2013

Dear Master, Heal my mom from the pain she is undergoing due to underwent surgery and rest of the problems.... Bless her with good health & wealth and peace filled lengthy life Lord Jesus.... In Jesus Name I Pray... Hail Mary Holy Mary.... Amen!
AmyJon - May 08, 2013

Dear Father, Please heal my Mamu (uncle) from his illness... i Hope in you Lord Jesus Please heal and recover him soon Master ...Bless him to good health and strength dear Master. In Jesus Name I Pary .... Hail Mary Holy Mary.... Amen !
AmyJon - May 08, 2013

please help my father and continue to build his strength and heal him
May 06, 2013

For my mom to be heal, she had surgery and kidney stones and going through a lot of pain.Please Lord take her pain away and heal her. Amen
Ana - May 06, 2013

Please pray for Hazel H. to get well from Cancer. She is age 5.
May 05, 2013

Please pray for Hazel H. to get well from Cancer. She is age 5.
May 05, 2013

Please pray for my boyfriend to get well and healthy soon.
May 04, 2013

please pray that my daughter is healed from the herniated disc in her neck. She needs a miracle
rhoda - May 03, 2013

Healing my child from HFMD lord
May 02, 2013

Please give my Dad strength and health.
May 01, 2013

Need Players for my sister Mary who have Lung Cancer, Although it have not spread she will need surgery.
J.B. - Apr 30, 2013

Heal me lord from all my situations. Please
Apr 30, 2013 on Facebook

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