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Prayers for Holy Spirit

Oh dear god I need a miracle today jesus name I pray amen
ld - Nov 26, 2012

Please god bless mother...and son with a miracle jesus name I pray amen
lcd - Nov 26, 2012

In my moments of weakness, when I fail to trust, fully, in Your Divine protection; Give me strength, Christ Jesus.
jpr/11/24/12 - Nov 24, 2012

Guide me Lord. I Trust In Thee. Your willing servant is listening.
Nov 23, 2012

PLS COME INTO MY SOUL,PLS guide me in everything & every decisions I make.. In Jesus name Our Lord..Amen.
zel - Nov 22, 2012

come into ours lives lead us in the path of righteousness peace and love
Nov 21, 2012

please god please me with a miracle today...I really need jesus name I pray amen
Nov 21, 2012

may the holy spirit come upon my husband. he needed it badly for he doesn;'t care for his family. all he wants to do is to please himself.
ambet - Nov 21, 2012

Please god bless me witha miracle today...feeling really jesus name I pray amen.
lcd - Nov 20, 2012

May the Power of the Most Holy Spirit pour Grace upon my daughter. Open her heart to the same love for her children that Our Blessed Mother has for all of us. Amen.
Nov 19, 2012

me my husband & kids & family's
cheryl - Nov 19, 2012

a miracle today..right now I need it...please in jesus name I pray amen.
ld - Nov 15, 2012

dear god please let everything work out for me today...I need a jesus name I pray amen.
ld - Nov 14, 2012

For the fulness of the Spirit
Nov 14, 2012

please god bless me with a miracle jesus name I pray amen.
ld - Nov 13, 2012

Dear God, please guide this world. Also, please be my side and help me do well in my classes. My family is struggling right now financially and the one whom I love, I wish everything would be alright and he and I could meet someday.
Nov 10, 2012

a miracle today please jesus name I pray amen.
lcd - Nov 09, 2012

my husband fly today always protect him and dont let the devil come to him in the write way..amen
cheryl - Nov 08, 2012

Wes and Cathy, soulmates and true love, perfect and forever.
Nov 07, 2012

help jesus name I pray amen
ld - Nov 06, 2012 on Facebook

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