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Prayers for Holy Spirit

please god bless me with a miracle jesus name I pray amen.
ld - Nov 13, 2012

Dear God, please guide this world. Also, please be my side and help me do well in my classes. My family is struggling right now financially and the one whom I love, I wish everything would be alright and he and I could meet someday.
Nov 10, 2012

a miracle today please jesus name I pray amen.
lcd - Nov 09, 2012

my husband fly today always protect him and dont let the devil come to him in the write way..amen
cheryl - Nov 08, 2012

Wes and Cathy, soulmates and true love, perfect and forever.
Nov 07, 2012

help jesus name I pray amen
ld - Nov 06, 2012

please god answers my prayers...i need a miracle jesus name I pray amen
ld - Nov 05, 2012

victory over legal issues; to continue to have full custody of children; for judge to rule in my favor and for judge to consolidate family case with civil case; and rule in my favor for court hearing tomorrow
st - Nov 01, 2012

help jesus name I pray amen
l - Nov 01, 2012

dear god I'm asking for a miracle today, please help me feeling sad a jesus name I pray amen
ld - Nov 01, 2012

Lord, please guide my husband to scout for a stable job, high pay job, kind officemate, good boss. AMEN
Oct 23, 2012

please god I need a miracle today...feeling lost and jesus name I pray amen.
ld - Oct 23, 2012

Holy Spirit, please guide my husband to a new job a stable, high pay job. IN THE NAME OF JESUS. AMEN.
Oct 18, 2012

Holy Spirit, miracle healing to my son hearing loss
Oct 17, 2012

O Holy Spirit, Fill the hearts and minds of my children with love and faith, so as to bring them closer to our Lord Jesus Christ
Oct 14, 2012

Holy Spirit, please pray for my son for his final exam today help him think and show the right answer. we need your miracle. IN THE NAME OF JESUS. AMEN.
Oct 10, 2012

a miracle jesus name I pray amen
ld - Oct 10, 2012

Holy Spirit, help my son in his final exam for tomorrow and Friday teach/show the right answer, that he may get a higher grades. heal his hearing loss, we need your miracle, help my husband find a good and high pay job, thank you Holy spirit.
Oct 10, 2012

Holy Spirit help Kyle Malchan to listen and be obedient and stop giving trouble in school and class.He would ease up on the talking and remain a quiet and humble child. He would find favour with all who come close to him. He would get good grades and always be on top the class. I ask that his father would forgive me and we become close friends and he would not hesitate to financially suport Kyle, Tha kerron Boyd with take his school work serious and he woul study and pass all his ubject. And he will obtain a scholarship . Holy Spirit Help John Dale Nickerson Ramriez to be honest, trustworthy ,faithful to me, Help him to clear the money he owe to people, Help him to stop dring and smoking. Help him to obtain his drivers license please. Help him to come back home quickly and assit me with the bills. Never will he hurt me or wrong me again. He would put and end to the relationship he have outside and come back home. And his daughter will not come betwer our relationship she will live her life, I need him to confess the truth, Holpy spirit please here my prayers. And to transfer Jameela Victor Bishop and aneeka de coteau in another outlet. Help me passed the test and go for the training in wester union. Give me favor in everyone i come in contact with. Help my sons Kevin and kerron forgive John and they build a father and son relationship. I thank you so much
annistine hall - Oct 07, 2012

Dear god I really could use a miracle today...feeling really down and depressed...please help in jesus name I pray amen.
ld - Oct 04, 2012 on Facebook

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