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Prayers for Safety

Our Lord, please send your angels to take good care of our countrymen from those areas that will be affected by Typhoon Ruby. Place us all to the safest part of your hands, cover us with all the love You have for us.
vanesa - Dec 04, 2014

Philippines Safety
Van - Dec 04, 2014

Lord i humbly pray please protect the Phillippines and save our people....
El Malditah - Dec 04, 2014

Storm Prayer Brigade: Almighty Father, as typhoon Ruby nears, we plead for Your Mercy & pray that You spare our country & people further devastation &deaths from nature's wrath; we claim by faith You alone can calm this storm, in Jesus' Name, AMEN!
anne - Dec 04, 2014

Let's all be safe.
Dec 04, 2014

Lord I leave unto u all my worries.. Please bless our families in the Philippines& keep them away from harm. I ask all this things in Jesus Name, amen
sinait - Dec 04, 2014

Lord please save us from the coming typhoon Ruby ...may that the typhoon will just change it's direction and will not enter the philippines at all ... We ask all of these in Your Son's name, our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Amen
shimymz - Dec 04, 2014

Prayers For Eastern Visayas
Hazel Tan - Dec 04, 2014

Prayers For Eastern Visayas
Hazel Tan - Dec 04, 2014

Mama Mary please keep safe and protect your poor children from this strong storm "Ruby".
Dec 04, 2014

Lord God wag nyo pong pabayaan ang aking pamilya at lahat ng mga tao sa pilipinayo ng maykakayahang magpa recurved ng bayong ruby na walang nasasaktan.ilayo nyo po kaming lahat sa kapahamakan. hinihiling ko po sainyo ng buong puso. Sa ngalan ni Jesus Amen
eva - Dec 04, 2014

Lord Almighty, keep your PEOPLE SAFE and PROTECT THEM with your MERCY....
Dec 04, 2014

mawala ang bagyo
roycaran - Dec 04, 2014

Lord please keep Phillipines safe and protect them from this incoming strong typhoon
N - Dec 04, 2014

Lord, may your heart full of love will give us miracle to keep away the typhoon ruby landfall from the philippines . Please forgive us from all our sins. please guide and protect us all. Dec 04, 2014
Dec 04, 2014

Lord please help the people in the Philippines for the coming typhoon, sana po mahina lang ang bagyon ruby. Please protect alll the people especially my family. In Jesus name Amen
Jane - Dec 04, 2014

Dear God, save us please...
Dec 04, 2014

Almighty Father, once again we ask for your help & protection as we face another typhoon. Please keep our people & country,the Philippines, safe. We believe in Your power & mercy; we believe in your miracles because with You, O Lord, nothing is impossible. We ask all of these in You Son's name, our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.
LuSong - Dec 04, 2014

Lord God, protect your people. I know you are there to protect us always. Amen.
Charmie Ann S. Atis - Dec 04, 2014

“Lord God, I pray that You keep safe and warm our families and loved ones in ILOILO at saan man sulok ng pilipinas. I ask that You send your angels, people, and timely practical help to those who may be affected by the typhoon. Please prevent it from causing more damage and tragedies in our nation. Please make the sun shine again, Heavenly Father. At this difficult times, may You encourage those who are fearful and suffering right now with your comforting and healing love. And may You eventually turn their trials into triumphs. In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.”
myrnabraña - Dec 04, 2014 on Facebook

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